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Dale Talde’s Piece of American Mango Pie

Most people will remember Chef Dale Talde from the Bravo TV hit show Top Chef: Chicago (2008) and Top Chef: All Stars (2010-11). Top Chef: Chicago also introduced its audience to other now well known chefs, but Dale Talde’s unique…

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Wheelers Restaurant & Taproom  … The Small Town Eatery With a Big Town Feel

UPDATE: Wheeler’s is officially closed. After repeated requests for a restaurant logo over the course of several months, a logo was never received. I recently had the opportunity to dine at Wheelers Restaurant & Taproom, located in Woodbridge, Connecticut. Wheelers…

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Should I Buy This?! A Review Of SPAGnVOLA Chocolates

A bit ago I received a request to review the chocolate selections from SPAGnVOLA Chocolates. Did someone just offer me chocolate?! Boxes and boxes of chocolate?! Why, yes. Yes, they did. Well, of course I said yes! A few days later I…

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